Development Log


Set up a twitter account:

May delete this and the mastodon account if I feel they arent useful / aligned with my goals


Started up a mastodon account for flounder:


Experienced some downtime early this morning, starting at 1AM Pacific and going until 8AM Pacific. Apologies to all who were affected


Added custom domains!

I think this is the last of the major features that I want to support for now -- I'm going to work on cleaning up some minor issues on my todo list. Don't expect any major new features anytime soon.


Hacked together a proxy -- it may be buggy, but it will make it much easier to link to gemini pages over http. This link should take you to the gemini homepage if you access it over http:



Cleaned up the front-end a bit, including making the site a bit nicer on mobile


Added dark mode. Set prefers-color-scheme to dark in your browser to use it:

Might play around with the colors a bit more.

There's quite a backlog for flounder features if you want to get involved:


Added support for Gemini feed aggregation. Check it out here:


Only on HTTP right now, will add Gemini support soon. Let me know if you have any issues, and you may want to update your page to be gemfeed-compliant

This is experimental, let me know if you like it! I'm thinking about better ways of aggregating content as the service scales (updated files has low signal/noise ratio)


I added a small note on the bottom of each page when accessed over http, to encourage people to use gemini & gemini browsers. Let me know if you feel strongly negatively about this


Added very basic and experimental WebDAV support. Check out the docs here, and expect potential issues:



Changed font from Helvetica to Roboto


Added account management tools and some admin tools


Started a conversation on the mailing list -- trying to use it more actively. Feel free to join in or send emails with feedback/etc to this mailing list

Wrote a guide on using the mailing list:



Added a .hidden folder for you to store any drafts or other files you aren't ready to share publicly


Made some minor UI changes after editing a bunch of files via web interface


Added folder support! It's pretty basic at this point, and the UI could use improvement, but you can now create subfolders for your page. Apologies to anyone online while I pushed a buggy build

Also added renaming file support. This will help if you want to reorganize your site. I recommend backing up your data first!

Please let me know if you have issues with either feature. Next on my agenda is allowing direct ssh access to your filesystem so you can access it locally. A more ambitious task with some security considerations.


I plan on working this Saturday on adding subfolders to sites -- things get a little messy if you try to make a larger site, and I want to make it easier for people to create more extensive gemini content.


Played around with the CSS style a bit. There's a bit of sloppiness, some of the margins are a little tight. I'll work on this more later. Let me know if you have feedback.


For hackers: you can now get gemini content over http by putting "text/gemini" in the accept header when requesting a gemini resource.

Fixed "1 days ago"


Issues with certain Gemini browsers should be resolved -- see this thread for more technical details:

Favicons now work over http! Create a favicon.txt file and add any character/emoji to it to add some flair to your site! This may not work in all browsers, but should work in firefox and chrome.

Decided to add inline images back in, since some gemini browsers support them, they don't degrade UX that much in a text-based browser, and the spec considers it OK

cool gif


Receiving reports that Flounder pages are not accessible via certain Gemini browsers. Will keep you all updated on the resolution of this.


Hey all -- you can now download a zip archive of your site. Useful for backups or moving your site elsewhere!


I've been making some relatively minor changes with regards to usability and interface, which you may have noticed. You can track what I've done and what may be coming next on the bug tracker:


Just finished a major rewrite of Flounder in Go. Here are some feature changes: