Flounder Manifesto

Welcome to Flounder!

Flounder is your portal into the Gemini-based "small web". Gemini is a simpler way of creating and sharing web pages on the internet.

Flounder is free and the code is open source. Unlike traditional social media platforms, you have full control over the layout and content of your page. You are free to edit or delete any of your content. You have your own subdomain that is accessible on the public internet.

Flounder is about freedom and exploration! The home page will display all Flounder users in a random order, feel free to click on someone's page to check out what they have to say. If there are pages you like, link them on your page, so that people can explore the network much like they did the original web -- by clicking on links to see related content.

Flounder is based on the idea of a "digital garden" -- rather than content being static and timestamped, it is dynamic and curated. You are free to add, edit, delete, modify your content as you like, even status updates! (Although this may confuse the conversation). If there is content on flounder you like, feel free to create a “webring” of other people’s sites on your page. This helps people explore flounder just by clicking aimlessly.

Flounder moves relatively slowly, and lacks and metrics or rewards for creating content. There are no notifications. Create what you like -- fearlessly and without judgment!

While by no means mandatory, it's also helpful if you add a link to


on your home page. This makes navigation a bit easier, and helps promote the service to new users!