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Welcome to Flounder -- a site builder for a new, radically simple protocol called Gemini. Gemini is similar to the existing web, but dramatically simpler. The modern web is so complex that we rely on massive multinational corporations to handle the infrastructure. The simplicity of Gemini means that it is easy for software hobbyists to maintain it, and easy for people to write pages without relying on a large, proprietary services. Gemini cuts back the web into its bare essentials: sharing text, links, and files.

Flounder is a simple website builder for the Gemini web, similar to Wordpress, Squarespace and other services, but far simpler, and 100% free, non-profit and open source, without any malicious tracking, monetization, spam, or ads. You own your content and can easily save and share it. Flounder pages are viewable over Gemini directly, but require a special browser to do so. They are also viewable over the larger web by converting the content to HTML.

Gemini and Flounder are about returning the web to its democratic, non-commercial roots: not about developing clout, maximizing metrics, or enriching tech companies, but developing a space on the internet that is completely yours to share with others.

Instead of complex, inscrutable site builders, Flounder makes it simple, easy, painless, and free to share text and files over the internet. You'll have a custom domain at (your-username).flounder.online ready as soon as you sign up! Get started, and have fun!


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