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Welcome, this is your admin (alex). This is Flounder, your portal into the small web. Pages here will be served over the traditional HTTP/HTML web, as well as the Gemini network. For more information about Gemini, check out:


To view your site through gemini, replace the https:// with gemini:// in your url.

To register, check out the following page. In order to reduce spam, I will have to approve your request before you can join. This usually should only take a day.


For feedback, feature requests, and discussion for the Flounder project, send a plain-text email to the public mailing list:


Mailing list archive

Or email me directly. You should also email me to report any concerning content on this site, or if you need any admin action taken (like deleting your account, etc):


Here are some basic resources for using Gemini and building your site:

Gemini Text Guide

Tips and Tricks

If you're a developer looking to get involved, check out the project page:


I will alert you to changes to the site and new features here:


Check out our code of conduct:


This is my personal page:


To submit a bug, you can use our bug tracker:


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