Using the Flounder Mailing Lists

Mailing lists are a somewhat unfamiliar and archaic way of communicating for many people, however, they have some great advantages. Email is a stable, open, and universal way of communicating online -- everyone has it, everyone will have it for the foreseeable future, and you don't have to be tied to a specific platform.



The flounder-discuss list is for anything generally related to Flounder -- questions, bug reports, feature requests, feedback and criticism, related Gemini services, etc. You're also welcome to introduce yourself and talk about how you plan on using your page. The flounder-devel list is a more technical discussion for programmers who want to help develop Flounder.


If you want to receive all updates for the flounder-discuss list, send an email to the subscribe email. You can put anything in the subject line / body of this email.


You may want to set up your mail client to filter the emails to a certain folder if you are getting too many updates.

Reply all

Make sure that you reply all to any mailing list emails, otherwise your message will only be sent to the author of the mailing list message, not the whole mailing list.

Use Plaintext Email

In the early days of the internet, email used to be just plain text, with no rendered images, text formatting, etc. Email lists generally use plain text instead of HTML for simplicity and accessibility. The software Flounder uses for the mailing list forces you to do this. This guide will help you configure your client to send plaintext emails (it's pretty simple)


If you're not a developer interested in contributing code, feel free to skip this section. Instead of GitHub, Flounder uses a mailing list based workflow in order to work on patches (powered by Sourcehut). If this workflow is unfamiliar to you, you can set up Git via the instructions on this page:

Have fun!

If you want to use a test list to practice sending, subscribing, etc, you can use the following list:

Don't get too caught up in mistakes or issues -- if you send a mistaken or improperly-formatted email to the Flounder mailing list, I'd just be happy that you're participating! It takes practice to learn an unfamiliar technology. Feel free to email me personally if you have any questions or confusion about setting anything up: