Custom Domains

Flounder allows you to add a custom domains to your page, for example, I use as an alias for You can go to either page and see my Flounder site: both on Gemini, and on HTTP.

In order to do this, you'll first need to purchase a domain from a domain registrar. I use Namecheap, and I don't get paid to tell you this:

Then you need to set up a DNS records:

ALIAS @ mydomain.example

If your registrar doesn't support ALIAS records, you can use a CNAME record if you don't use this domain for anything else:

CNAME @ mydomain.example

Or an A record:

A @ mydomain.example

Note that the A record may cause issues if the Flounder server IP evre changes.

Then, go to

And set your custom domain.

It may take some time for your DNS records to propagate -- this can take as little as a few minutes or as much as 24 hours. Then go to mydomain.example and you should see your Flounder page!

This will work on both HTTP and Gemini.